Sully loves to pretend. He gets on my back and pretends I’m a car and drives me to the grocery store to get groceries. He gets out at the store, shops and then gets back in and drives home. He gets out at home and then presents me with all of his purchases. It’s awesome.

One thing I learned from a parenting book recently is that kids don’t pretend for the sake of pretending. They are mimicking what we do. They are doing what we do, as closely as they can. They aren’t pretending for the sake of pretending.  Read On…

200th Birthday

Today is the staff celebration of the 200th anniversary of the University of Michigan. I am going to attend and take it all in. It’s a little hard to comprehend 200 years of existence as an institution. When I did the interview for the satellite being sent to space as a time capsule, I had to answer questions about the next 100 years and the progress we will (or won’t) make. I think it is fascinating to think about how much progress we’ve made since the University’s inception in 1817 and 2017. If it’s on a logarithmic trajectory, it will be completely unrecognizable by 2117.

Running Goal

I want to run the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K at 24:00 minutes. My previous best is around 26 minutes and I know I can beat it. I’ve been running around the neighborhood for 3 miles at a clip. I think I can beat it by Thanksgiving and post a decent time.

There are 150 days until Thanksgiving. I am going to beat 24:00 minutes in the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K.

Toddler Talk

Sully has really improved in his speaking abilities. He is using the right pronouns, verbs and making coherent sentences most of the time. It’s a joy to watch him explore language and become confident with it.

Vacation is over

Today we had our final day at the cottage. It was probably the warmest and clearest day so far, so we spent it at the beach. It’s sad to leave a long vacation, but it always feels nice to get back to what’s familiar and back to your routines, especially now since you’re more rested and rejuvenated.


Sully and I got the four wheeler out of the garage and took it all around the property. We got off the regular trails so there was a lot of fallen trees to get over. We even had to pull back and try different routes at times. It was fun, a kind of adventure.

Waking up the the rain

We woke up and it was raining hard on the lake. What a calming sound, it’s so easy to sleep when it’s raining with a cool breeze coming in through the window.

Another Perfect Day

The weather today was amazing. We got lawn mowing done, played volleyball, sat around the fire, walked around the block and head pizza.  We played horseshoes too.

New Fire Pit Table

A tree that was dying next to our fire pit became the perfect spot for a built in table. We put an umbrella in the middle and now it’s a perfect hangout spot next to the fire pit.

Glass Lake

The lake in front of me right now is so still. There is a layer of mist rolling across it. The sun will come up in a few minutes, but you can already tell it’s coming. The orange glow is peaking out from behind the treeline.